Vuity updates

Most of you reading this are aware of Vuity (AbbVie), the newly FDA-approved drug to reduce the need for reading glasses. Dr. Toomey and I discussed some of the preliminary information on the podcast before the drug was released. The data is very compelling. I met with one of their medical liaisons, and he gave me a treasure trove of information.

Only 6 out of 375 in the phase 3 studies discontinued the drug due to adverse events. Only 2 of those was from headaches. Fifty-six patients reported headaches. That was dues to all causes of headaches which may have not had anything to do with the use of the drug. At any rate, in the cast majority of the cases, it didn’t cause them to stop using the drug.

The degree of how much they liked using the drop was dependent on how much improvement they got. Those with mild presbyopia liked the effect because it made them almost universally eschew reading correction. Those with severe presbyopia liked it because of the significant effect they received.

I have a prescription in to my pharmacy. I am waiting by the phone for them to call me to pick it up. It’s a small pharmacy, so I’m sure they didn’t have it in stock given how new it is. I’ll report back after a few weeks of use.

It is prescribed once per day. Studies regarding bid dosing are ongoing. It costs roughly $80 for a 30-use bottle.

I’m interested to hear how you do with it either as a user or a prescriber. Please contact me on Twitter @mikeeyes.