Using face masks with spectacles versus contact lenses

Here is a short study regarding contact lens wear versus glasses wear while wearing masks.

There was no difference between groups for overall QIRC score but some individual question scores reflected better quality of life in the CL: ‘outdoor activities’, ‘keep fit’ and ‘able to do things’ (all p < 0.05). Differences in favour of the CL were seen for the following in the face mask usability questionnaire: ‘breathing’, ‘heat’, ‘comfort on ears’, ‘overall comfort’, ‘walking’, ‘driving’, ‘reading’, ‘computer use’, ‘exercising’ and ‘socialising’ (all p < 0.05). Significant differences were also seen for the 0–100 VAS symptoms probing vision quality in favour of the CL: glare, distance and near vision, fogging, restricted field of view and peripheral blur.

Though it may seem obvious to anyone that has worn masks and glasses, it is nice to have some data behind it. The limitations of this study are that it was done with new CL wearers in daily disposable lenses and only for a two-week period of time. It would have been interesting to add to the study group experienced contact lens wearers and/or monthly disposable wearers.

I have noticed an increase in dry eye in general but specifically with CL wearers. Since monthly wearers in general have more dryness complaints than daily disposable wearers, having those extra date points would be interesting.