Hello and some history

I have been an optometrist for 23 years, and I have worked in many different environments. I don’t want to list my resume here, but I have

  • started my own practice cold with my wife (also an optometrist)
  • purchased practices
  • purchased a patient database
  • written my own EMR
  • helped develop EMR templates
  • been a clinical director for a large refractive surgery business
  • been a partner in a multi-office group practice
  • been a clinical assistant professor at a university eye center
  • sold my practice

I am currently a Clinical Field Director with Triangle Visions Optometry based in North Carolina. I am also their privacy and fraud compliance officer. My hope with this website is to help those of you who have questions or just need a little validation that you are doing all right. I have learned a lot over the years from asking questions, reading a lot, and making mistakes. I continue to learn every single day.

I have been described by my friend Scott as an “above average writer.” I think he’s being generous, but I do my best to keep thing interesting. I am terrible at social media, but if you want to contact me, please do so @mikeeyes on Twitter.